Moth Treatment

Effective carpet and upholstery moth treatment for London homes and other useful services

Regency provide a number of treatments that help protect your carpets and furnishings.

Expert moth treatment for your carpets

There has been a huge rise in the amount of damage caused by moths to carpets and other fabrics over the last few years, especially in the London area. Moths can destroy a carpet or rug. They lay their larvae in the pile (often in hidden areas under furniture), which then feed on the wool fibres leaving holes and ruining expensive carpets.

We use a safe treatment that combines with our deep carpet clean, which will remove any eggs or larvae that are in your carpet. The results are excellent and ensure your carpet remains in perfect condition.

Upholstery treatments – Stainshield protection

We also offer our Stainshield protection on carpets and soft furnishings. Stainshield contains Teflon which provides an invisible barrier meaning that liquids don’t soak into the fibres but sit on top, which allows you time to clean up spillages such as red wine, tea, coffee or juice.

Other treatments

If you suffer from allergies, we can provide treatment against dustmites. We also offer deodoriser to remove strong odours from your furnishings or carpets.

We use the latest technology

Because Regency aim to deliver an unrivalled service, we invest in the latest in carpet cleaning technology. Our current system is manufactured in the USA and provides superb results for fitted carpets, statement carpets, modern rugs, oriental rugs and stairs.

Our machines have unique features, such as a high-performance extractor, which has a fully adjustable 0-300 psi piston pump, allowing us to achieve a more powerful clean deeper into the carpet fibres. It also boasts an exclusive “Wind-Tunnel” feature, which enables it to deliver consistent performance to a cleaning distance of 75 feet.

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