Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about carpet steam cleaning, curtain cleaning without rehanging and sofa dry cleaning and much more…

Here are a few of the most common questions we receive. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How long is the drying time ?

This is not an exact science as it will depend on fabric thickness, amount of soiling etc. but generally everything is useable within the day. On less challenging fabrics it can take as little as a couple of hours.

Do I have to remove my furniture ?

A quick de-clutter will be greatly appreciated, but we are happy to move and replace all the heavier more bulky items, ie. sofas, dining tables etc. In some instances we will clean around items, ie. where it has been specifically requested or if the item is simply too heavy / fragile to attempt moving.

Can you remove stains ?

We will always attempt to remove any stain. In most cases it will be removed completely or significantly reduced. Again not an exact science, as it will depend on the nature of the stain, how long it has been there and whether it has been attempted using standard cleaning products. We can never promise in advance that a stain can be 100% removed but can give a better opinion upon inspection. Most common stains are wine, tea/coffee, juice, mud etc, all of which we have pre treatment agents for.

How long will it take ?

About an hour for an average sized room, for a good sized 2 storey, 4 bedroom house allow at least half a day. Multi-storey townhouses where all the staircases are carpeted can take longer. A clearer idea of the process and cleaning time is provided at your free consultation where an inspection will be carried out on fabric content and scale.

Are Regency insured ?

Yes, we have public liability insurance for £5 million which covers not only damage to goods being worked on but any incidental damage unrelated to the cleaning.

Do you have any references ?

Yes, we have thousands of clients across London and the South East. We can always provide a reference from someone in your area. Why not read some of our testimonials to give you an idea of the level of service we provide.

Are all your staff discreet / trustworthy ?

Yes. All of our operatives are known to us and work exclusively for us. We do not subcontract any of our staff.

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